Plan, build and launch your first online course in one day



Done In A Day is a special service I offer to help people get set up online fast.


It is perfect for two types of people.


First, those that want to get started online but are too busy to set things up. This group is typically full-time instructors who have many plates spinning and can't take the time out to learn by trial and error.


The second type of person is one who is not confident with the technology and wants to be guided through the setup process step by step. 


How the Done In A Day System works


Over the past seven years, I've personally created over 50 online products and taught dozens of other instructors how to do the same. All this experience means that I've got really good at planning, building and launching online products. This means I can get you set up and started ten times faster than you could trying to figure it out on your own. 



Over the course of the day we will:


  • Plan your first online product

  • Build your first online course

  • Design & set up your course website

  • Connect your payment processor

  • Add your email provider

  • Write your welcome email and follow up series

  • Link it all to your social media platforms

  • Discuss your marketing strategy

  • And launch your first online course at the end of the day (providing you have your content ready)


Then we typically have a beer to celebrate (best part of the day...)



Get It Done Faster...


What typically takes me 5-6 hours would probably take you two to three weeks. Not because I'm any smarter than you but because I know my way around the software we will use.


It's like driving to a destination 200 miles away. Because I've driven the route 100 times before I will get there way before you... especially if it's your first time and you don't even have a map.


Oh and speaking of maps here's another cool thing about my "Done In A Day" sessions. You don't even need to travel, I come to YOU! I will come to your area so that I save you the time and hassle of traveling. 


So if you'd like to get your first online product up and earning send me a message today and I'll let you know about costs and availability.


You can email me at or book a Zoom call with me by clicking the button below


To your online success