The £0 - £10K PLAN

A step by step coaching program

for martial arts instructors that want to build an online empire.


Today you have the chance to join my new coaching programme - The £0 to £10k Plan.


This coaching course is the course I wish I had been able to complete when I first started.


Designed to give you tools, techniques, and tactics you need to go from £0 to £10,000 in online sales, all while being personally coached by myself.

Make no mistakeThe £0 to £10k course isn't some kind of 'get rich quick' scheme.


No, this is a coaching course where you MUST put the work in to achieve results, and I will be personally holding you accountable every step of the way.


You'll learn the process I use to generate results online for myself and how I have gone from a tired, injured and stressed school owner to the founder of an online business that made £132,000 last year…and is on track to make £200,000 this year despite the pandemic.


But before you dive in and see what is inside this course, you need to know if this course is right for you.


You are a passionate and hard worker that will put in 100% effort. Half assed effort, gets you half assed results.


You are a Martial Arts or Self-Defence Instructor that is prepared to share your knowledge online (and deal with the trolls & idiots you find there).


You can spare 4 to 6 hours per week to work on your online business.


You are the type of person that doesn't give up easily. You won’t stop till you earn at least £10K from online course sales.


If you answered YES to these questions, then you may be suitable for this coaching.

Let's dive in to see what you will learn:


The £0 - £10k Model


In this first module, you are going to learn the roadmap for the next 12 months, and we do a deep dive into my unique 5P system that I have used to build my highly profitable online business.


It is here that you will see what the next 12 months will look like and the precise steps you are going to use to take your business forward.


Planning Your Profitable Passion Project


Failure to plan is planning to fail, and this is true of online success.

I used to think that I could create anything online, and it would sell.

I was wrong.

In this module, we walk through my proven process for finding a project that provides you with profit and not panic.


Building your tribe


One of the issues with most businesses online is that they create a product and then try and find people that will buy it.

That is like swimming upstream.

Instead, by focusing on building a thriving community, you will have a ready-made audience to release your products into, massively increasing your success rate.

And in this module, you will learn how to create your very own tribe of raving fans that will be happy to hear from you day after day.


Your Software / Platform Stack


If you are worried about technology being an issue, don't.

These days there is an abundance of software tools that allow you to build a website in seconds, automate sales and sell online.

But there is an issue.

There are thousands of online tools that promise the world and often deliver very little. And in this module, I am going to show you which tools to use, how to set them up and leverage their best features to your advantage.

And the best bit, this requires ZERO technical know-how.

Just follow my methods and use the tools that I say, and you will be closer to your goal than ever before.


Perfect Product Ecosystem


One product is good, 2 products great, but when my life really changed was when I discovered the power of a product ecosystem.

A product ecosystem gives you the ability to upsell, down sell, side sell and create a loop of repeat customers who will buy again and again.

And in this module, I break down the specifics of how you can create the perfect product ecosystem.

A product ecosystem is key to maximising your profits in the shortest time possible.

And the best bit, you won't believe how easy this is once I show you how.


Content, Distribution & List Building


I am sure you have heard that content is king, well it is true.

But there is a way to create great content quickly which not only gets watched and read but also has people diving onto your email list, so they never miss out on anything you create.


In module 6, I will teach you my proven content creation methods that have helped me to generate thousands of readers, views, and subscribers.


Promoting Your Products For FREE


One of the first things people say to me is "Matt, this is great, but I don't have any money to promote my products".

Well, don't worry.

In this module, we will cover my proven process that shows you how to promote your products for free (this is how I made my first £10,000).


Paid Promotion For Profits


When it comes to making money online, eventually if you want to make BIG money, you are going to have to use paid traffic.

But I know how it feels.

When I first spent money on paid traffic, I lost a small fortune (£12,000 to be precise)

But over time, I learned the most effective way to spend money online and make more money.

I can now create an advert and know that by the next morning I will have made not only money but profit. That is the key to online success.

In this module, you are going to learn my repeatable and straightforward system for generating profit from paid advertising. No more guesswork, it is time to generate serious income.


Conversion Triggers That Increase Sales


OK, you have the traffic, and the sales are coming in.

Now it is time to increase your conversions.

When you increase conversions, you not only make more sales, but you make more profit.

In this module, you will learn how to massively increase your conversions with tactics that cost me thousands to learn.


Retention & Referrals


So you were able to get the customer to give you their money.

Great, but how can you keep the customers for longer?

In this module, we look at how you can retain any customers you have signed up for membership products.

But wait, we have more. We are also going to dive into referrals.

This concept has the power to double your sales, and I am going to teach you step by step how to build a referral system from scratch.


Scale & Grow: What To Measure


Throughout this course, you will have learned my best tips, techniques and strategies to grow online. In module 11, you will learn how to track, measure and maximise your growth.


You see, while you have learned all the tactics and are having success with them.

It is only through careful monitoring and measuring that you truly know their impact.

This allows you to double down on the channels that are working for you.


Next Steps From £10K to £20K+


In module 12, we have reached the end of our journey together, but it is not over yet.

It is here where you plan for the next stage. To go from £10K to £20K+.


This module, you will learn the mechanisms that I am using right now to take my business to the next level and beyond.

You will see how you can move your online business into any arena you desire and leverage your new skills to enter other niches if you want. You are now only limited by your imagination.



I know what you are thinking. "How much is this going to cost me?"

Well, I will get to that shortly.  But first, I wanted to say we are not done yet.

I have decided to stack even more value into this course with 3 awesome bonuses.


A Monthly Meet Up With Myself & Other Course Creators (Value £1200)

The only downside of running an online business is that it can be lonely. To counter this, we will all meet up once a month and spend a day working through the modules together. You can ask questions, get help from the group or just have a chat with other cool course creators.


Because I know travelling can be pain at times, I will record the meeting so you can watch later at your convenience if you can’t make it.


Workbooks, PDF's and Checklists To Help You To Get Results In SUPER FAST Time (Value: £800)

Having taken countless courses online, I know that the secret to results comes by taking step by step action.


For this reason, I will include workbooks, downloadable PDFs and checklists that you will complete every month to help you stay on track.


A Full Year of Monthly Zoom Coaching To Check Your Progress & Encourage Accountability (Value £2000)

When I created the £0-£10k Plan, I wanted to build a product that I was proud of.

But more so, I wanted to build a course that delivered results.

To ensure those results come for you, I am throwing in 12 months of Zoom coaching (usually £150 per hour)

Each month I will personally coach you via Zoom to ensure that you reach your goals and stay accountable.  I am going to be there every step of the way with you.

Given the time I am investing in this course, the stacked bonuses and all the knowledge I have, I could have easily charged £5,000+. But this is my Beta course. I know I will get feedback from you, be able to make improvements and make this course even better.​

So, for a short time, I’m going to offer the 12 month coaching plan for just £1495. Yes....only £1495.

12 months of coaching, training, and support for just the equivalent of a couple of fancy coffees a day!



I am so sure that you are going to get results with this course. I am going to put my money and my reputation where my mouth is.  If for whatever reason you aren't happy with this course in the first 60 days you can ask for a FULL REFUND.


You don't have to tell me why. You don't have to show me any reasons.

I will simply just refund all of your money.



This coaching program is not a 'sit on your backside and do no work' course.


No, it requires dedication, commitment and determination (typically 6-8 hours per week).

If that is not you, then fine. This course is not for you.

I only want to work and sacrifice my time for those who are prepared to put the work in.

If you GENUINELY want to create a thriving online empire and not only be taught but coached to achieve these results by someone who has been there and done it.

Then I want you to join.

Access to the £0-£10K plan (12 modules released monthly)

Online group coaching & accountability meetings

Monthly personal Zoom meetings with me to keep you focused on your goals

Monthly meet ups for a day of training, connection & support with myself and other course creators (various locations around the UK)

Lifetime access to the recorded monthly meet ups

PDF’s, cheat sheets and fill in the blank manuals delivered monthly

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