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Do you want to be able to offer online courses in ONLY 5 days without writing a single piece of code or paying $1000's to a developer?

One of the beautiful things about an online martial arts business is you can reach students all over the world at any time of the day or night.


That means (providing you set everything up correctly), you can literally make money on autopilot.


However, there is one major obstacle that prevents a lot of martial arts instructors taking their skills online.


Setting up an online course requires a large investment of time AND the technical skills to build a course platform and write sales pages.


Most martial arts instructors are so busy teaching and running their schools, that the thought of adding more work to their plate puts them off creating an online business.


Until now this left you with only two options if you wanted to teach online:


Option 1: Pay a website designer to do it for you (that usually costs thousand’s and can take a long time)


Option 2: Put a few private videos on YouTube and get your students to pay to access them (messy, too manual and not secure)


However, that’s about to change…


But, before we get into that, you might be wondering who I am and why you should listen to me.

My name is Matt Chapman. I’m a martial arts instructor and former school owner who was teaching over 400 students every week.


After 19 years of teaching 8+ hours a day, training for fights, and looking after a young family, I was burnt out and had almost fallen out of love with martial arts.


One particularly bad night, I went out to drown my sorrows with a friend and had an epiphany over many beers.



I realised there is ONE massive problem with teaching martial arts for a living.



If you don’t teach, you DON’T get paid!


There is NO sick pay. NO holiday pay. It's all on YOU, and you have to turn up every night regardless of what life throws at you. That's tough.



Online is the answer...


Thankfully along with being a great friend, my buddy was also a clever dude. He suggested I turn my martial arts knowledge into a product and create online courses.


What a genius!


The only problem was I had no idea how to do that. So, I started to educate myself about all things online.


Within a few months, I had created and launched my first product and made a whooping..... £0.00!


But I didn’t let that deter me! I kept hustling, and 364 days later I made my first sale. Yippee!


Six years on, and with over $50,000 invested in my online education, I now have published over 50 martial arts courses and have a very healthy six-figure online course business that comfortably supports my family.

You can check it out here: 

martial arts devices.jpg

Have your own online platform ready in just 5 days with no effort...


Over the past three years, I've personally set up over 50 online courses for my own business and helped over 100 other instructors build their online platforms.

And I’m excited to offer you my brand new service that will fast track your growth.


Here's the cool offer.....I will build your online platform for you in only FIVE days!

Just think, in just five days:


  • You'll have a custom-built course platform that looks great and is easy to use, edit and update


  • You'll have the ability to sell martial arts training courses online 24/7, 365 days a year on autopilot 


  • You'll have the potential to earn an income from teaching martial arts even when you aren't physically teaching classes


  • And you can sell courses to anyone in the world who has an internet connection



You'll Love My Built For You Service


With my "Built For You" service, you can focus on what's important to you while I beaver away in my bat-cave creating you an amazing online course platform that could potentially earn you £££'s every month.


Perhaps more importantly, my "Built For You" service means:


  • No stress for you - You can focus on your school or family whilst I focus on your course platform.


  • No time required from you - Your platform will be ready in only five days.


  • No tech skills  - All you'll need to do is upload your videos and you can launch your first course immediately.


  • You are no longer limited by your school or its location - You can then sell online courses to your students (or anyone, anywhere who has a smartphone and internet access…which is everyone really)


  • No more trading time for money - You can develop an extra income stream that isn't dependent on you teaching classes every night!

I know that all sounds great, but don’t take my word for it.



Here’s what Martial Arts Business Coach Gordon Burcham had to say about the platform I built for him...


“ HUGE thank you and shout out to Matthew Chapman who sorted my online course platform. From start to finish he did an incredible job. Very thankful , he does an amazing job"


--Gordon Burcham


And here's what self defence expert Eddie Quinn had to say about his custom built online platform

"Matt did a fantastic job building my course platform. His work is professional, looks great and works even better. Very happy"

--Eddie Quinn

As you can see, they’re super happy at having everything done for them. They got to focus on what they’re good at, while I did the hard stuff. They got all the reward, for none of the effort.

Curious To See What My Course Platforms Look Like???


To give you an idea of what your online business could look like, here are a few platforms I’ve personally built for clients:


Drills 4 Skill (David Breed)


G- Force Online (Gordon Burcham)



Premier MMA (Chris Foran)



Here’s what you’ll get once I’ve built your online course business:


  • A great looking custom online course platform.

  • Your course homepage set up and ready

  • Your first course sales page built.

  • Your payment processor and email software set up.

  • Your course “back end” set up so everything works as it should


At the end of 5 days, I'll hand your own custom online course platform ready for you to add your videos and launch.


We can then jump on a short Zoom call and I'll show you how to use it (you'll also get the recording so don't worry about missing anything).



 Imagine what it would be like to...


...launch your first online course and start making money immediately


...sell online courses on autopilot, which means you can focus on your business or spend more time with the family


...create even more courses for your students quickly and easily once the platform is built an online course brand that has the potential to make you money every month


That’s exactly what I’m offering you with my Built For You Service.


G-Force platform
G-Force platform

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Bob Breen Platform
Bob Breen Platform

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TKD online platform
TKD online platform

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Here are a few course platforms I've built for instructors around the world




You can continue to do the same thing you've been doing—teaching too many classes, privates and seminars whilst wishing you had an online platform to lighten the load.


Or you can have me build you an online course platform you can use to help your students AND make an extra income (that doesn't require you to destroy your body).


Are you ready to create an automated online course platform that makes money and boosts your school’s retention?


Click the button to book a Zoom meeting to discuss how I can help you.

Thank You


Matt Chapman

PS: With the crazy pandemic, ALL instructors now understand how important online content is to survive. Most wish they had something set up before we got locked down.


I can’t go back in time and change that for you now, but I can help you ensure if this ever happens again, you’ll be ready.


Don't keep putting it off. Get your course platform built by a professional martial artist who has made over 100 platforms for other instructors just like this time next week!