When your DREAM turns into a NIGHTMARE


I’d followed the same draining routine every day for nearly six years.


I’d wake up at 7 AM, teach martial arts from 9 AM till 10 PM, then clean my school, before heading home and trying to recover ready for the next day. 


As I lay in bed one evening, waiting for sleep to come and dreading my alarm, I realised I’d started to hate teaching.


No time. No Energy


Back when I was young, single, and carefree, teaching martial arts for 12 hours a day felt like I was living the dream.


But life moves on. And by 2013, I had a wife, a young family, and ZERO free time or energy to spend with them. I knew something had to give.


However, teaching seemed like my ONLY option. After all, without teaching, how could I pay my bills and support my family.


That was until a chance comment by one of my friends, Leigh, changed my life.


It came after Leigh had listened to me bitch and moan for an hour about my troubles. Leigh flippantly said:


“Why don’t you sell a product instead of your time.”


I instantly knew he was right.


But before we get into that and how it can benefit you, let me tell you who I am and why you should listen to me



Leigh (right) at my wedding

My Part-Time Business Supports My Family


My name is Matthew Chapman. Like you, I’ve been teaching my passion for many years. I have a gorgeous wife and two beautiful kids, all of whom run rings around me.


In 2001, I opened a full-time martial arts academy in Loughton, Essex. I’ve been teaching there ever since. 


However, since that conversation with Leigh, I’ve also been running a successful online business that now supports my family. That business is based around my passion, for martial arts.


And I want to show you how you can turn your PASSION into PROFIT, just like I did.

Most Teachers Trade Time For Money


You see the biggest problem with teaching anything is you trade your TIME for MONEY.  That’s fine in the beginning, but as your life changes and you need more money, your ONLY option is to work more.


You end up in a vicious cycle of spending all your time teaching, and inevitably, you end up hating what once loved.


Thankfully there is another way, as Leigh suggested, you sell products instead of your time.


With a product, you can do the work ONCE and make money FOREVER.


For me, it started with some videos I’d recorded to help our students that covered martial arts drills.


I used to regularly trawl the internet looking for new techniques and drills to keep my classes fun and challenging. So I thought to myself, perhaps there were other instructors who’d benefit from these drills and buy my videos.


The problem was, I had NO IDEA how to sell videos online.

Learning To Sell Online Freed Up My Time


After a few weeks of frustrated searching on how to do this, I stumbled upon a guy who’d made over £10,000,000 online.


And, as if the internet gods had answered my prayers, he was holding a special three-day course in London on selling online.


The only problem was the course cost £3000!


That was about £2999 more than I had. But I was miserable and knew something had to change.  So after a little dutch courage, I maxed out my credit card and signed up for the course...


Somewhere having my mind blown

My First Product...

Wow, did I learn a lot over the next three days! My mind was crammed full of so much new information. But, I could clearly see a way to make a product and sell it online.

And I was itching to get started.

After a few weeks of putting what I’d learned into practice, I'd transformed the drills I’d filmed for my students into my first product called:

Mittmaster Level 1: Basic Pad Drills.”

Armed with the product, and a super basic website I’d built for it, I sat back and dreamt of how I was going to spend my millions.



If You Build It, They DO NOT Come.

But after three months, I’d sold precisely ZERO copies of my instructional. I had fallen for the classic “Field of Dreams” mistake. You know the one,

“If you build it, they will come”.

And, unfortunately, no one came. Which sucked!

It was then I realised that it’s no good having a product sitting on the internet like an island. You have to tell people where it is and invite them to the party.

So I started doing more social media, I made a Facebook page and sharing a few video clips in various groups.

After six months, I still hadn’t made any sales, BUT people were starting to take notice and comment on my videos.

That gave me some belief I was doing the right thing. So I continued filming videos and putting them out there. This carried on for a year…



A Year’s Worth Of Work To Get My First Sale

Then, one sunny morning in July, I received a notification. I’d made my first sale for the staggering sum of £7.99.
That's wasn't going to buy me a Ferrari, but it was an INCREDIBLE FEELING.

After only getting one sale in a year, many people would've given up, but not me.

Instead, I thought “if one person want's my videos there must be others.” I guess my martial arts training had taught me a lot about discipline and perseverance.

So instead of quitting, I redoubled my efforts and put more information up online.


Gradually a few orders trickled in. Over the next six months, that trickle of sales slowly turned into a consistent stream.

I wasn’t quite able to buy my dream car yet, but I realised sharing my passion online was a viable business. 

It’s an amazing feeling to wake up from a good nights sleep and see you’ve sold a £100 worth of products on AUTOPILOT.


That’s is the great thing about the internet. You can literally make money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  


You create a product ONCE, and can sell it for FOREVER!


From My First Sale To Over £6000 Per Month

After a year of steady sales, I added more products, created packages, built an online course, and even developed an online certification.  Each time I added a new service to my business, I earned more money.

So I did what any good entrepreneur would do and reinvested what I’d made in my education.

I spent THOUSANDS on further training in the systems, techniques and tactics to sell online. The more I learnt, the more I implemented, and the more my sales grew.

After just over four years of running my online business, I was consistently making over £6000 profit every month.


As you can imagine, this extra income was a great relief. It meant I could drop most of my private students, and because I wasn’t getting beaten up for 6 hours a day, I had more ENERGY and TIME to spend with my family.

For the first time in a few years, I felt more in control and less stressed.

Filming more products

A funny example of how my online passive income has benefitted my life.

A little while ago, my wife forced me to go to IKEA on a bank holiday. As you can imagine, it was flat pack hell!

And she decided we desperately needed some Swedish shelf dividers and spent £65 on them.

Before I started selling online, the trip would've been impossible as I’d probably be teaching or I’d be fretting about where we were going to find the £65.

However, thanks to my automated online store, I actually MADE £163 as we were fighting our way through the IKEA aisles. People bought my products online whilst I was stressing out in IKEA.


I literally made £98 profit whilst shopping! No joke!

That was a big A-HA moment!


Break Free From Trading Time For Money

This positive change in my attitude was obvious to anyone that knew me, so several of my friends asked me to share my secret.

As I enjoy sharing the new skills I develop, teaching online selling has become my latest project.


Here are a couple of reviews from people that I’ve taught this material to already:


“Matt’s course is packed full of helpful, relevant information for anyone starting out in online selling. The course is well structured and delivered in an easygoing manner. Highly Recommended”

(D Holloway)

“Really enjoyed the workshop. Great material, lovely people, nice venue, top notch. Highly recommended.”

(D Breed)

“I am not skilled with technology, so I was quite apprehensive about the course. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to follow it was and how helpful the staff were. I would highly recommend this course.”

(C Burch)


No Skills, No Ideas, No Money…No Worries.

I know what you’re thinking; "I’m not technical.” Nor am I, I can barely use my smartphone. And that’s the great thing selling online, you don’t need to be tech-savvy.

There are dozens of simple ways to sell products online right now. It doesn’t require any technical skill. Literally, anyone can do it.

Don’t think it's limited to martial arts either. You can be into anything and set up a successful online business. I personally know people who do it through Yoga, Rock Climbing, and Guitar Lessons!

Plus unlike a regular brick and mortar business, you need very little start-up capital to set up your online empire. As long as you have access to the internet and a smart phone, you can get started for as little as £50.

Why think small?


Why only focus on the few hundred people in your local area who want what you offer? 

With an online store, you can sell to everyone, everywhere at any time. A few simple tools and a tiny investment of time will allow you to reach 7 billion potential customers!

However, don’t think this is some get rich quick scheme, it’s not. You will have to put in time and effort just as you did to become an expert in your field.

Having said that, I’ve done most of the hard work for you and made all the mistakes possible.


If you follow my system, you’ll be able to reclaim your freedom/ time/ energy much faster than I did.



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