Are you feeling tired, over-worked, and underpaid from teaching your classes?

If you’re anything like me, that’s exactly how I felt a few years ago when realised I was BURNT OUT from running my martial arts academy.

I went from loving training and learning to working (almost) every hour under the sun and no longer enjoying something I used to be so passionate about.


Thankfully, I found another way to share my passion that saved me from turning to a total mess, allowed me to fall in love with martial arts again, and earn a decent living.

Before we get into that, you might be wondering who I am and why should you listen to me.


My name is Matt Chapman, and for the last 23 years, I’ve been teaching martial arts.

A large part of that time was spent running my martial arts academy, and all the headaches that involves, but for the past few years I’ve been creating online courses (you can find them at www.mittmaster.com ) and I’ve grown it to a six-figure business over the last five years.


Eventually, my online business allowed me to sell my martial arts school to purely focus on creating and selling my online courses. A few of my martial arts friends saw how much happier I was after I’d sold my school and wanted to know what I'd done. So, I started helping them to build their own online courses.

Over the last two years I've helped over 50 instructors plan, build and launch their first online courses. Many of them are earning an extra £500 - £1000 a month, and my most successful student made over £30K in his first year, which was awesome.

At a recent event, I was chatting with a small group of passionate yoga teachers, personal trainers, sports coaches, and dance instructors and realised that they could also benefit from creating online courses.

As all service providers know (even when you charge a premium), you’ll eventually run out of time, energy or space. After all, there are only so many classes you can teach, only so much space in the room, and only so much energy you can give before you burn out.

Creating an online course allows you to create a "clone". This digital version of you doesn't get tired, doesn't need to stop for food or sleep, doesn't get sick, and most importantly can teach in multiple places at the same time. AHHHH!

Once you understand this your whole world changes. Rather than working harder and harder, packing more students in or teaching more classes you work smarter. You create online lessons, courses and membership sites that can make you money without you having to physically teach.

If you get the formula right, you can build an online business that offers you near-total freedom.

  • You can choose when you work

  • You can choose who you work with

  • You can live anywhere in the world (because your business is not tied to a physical location)

  • You can still make money from the content you created years ago

  • You will be a lot less stressed!


How do I know that? Because that’s exactly what happened to me once Mittmaster became successful.

Now I'm not saying you will build a massive online business like mine, but with a little work, it's easily possible for most teachers, coaches, trainers, and instructors to make an extra £500-1000 per month with little difficulty.

Take my friend Tom. His online membership site brings him in an extra £1000 per month which really helps out (especially as he and his wife are expecting soon)


How do you achieve this? You just have to follow a simple three-step process:


  • Step 1: Have a digital product to sell

  • Step 2. Have somewhere to sell it from

  • Step 3. Have someone to sell it to

Sounds simple and it really is. Even better, I want to help you create an online product for FREE!!!

So, what am I offering?

Like I said I've helped over 50 martial arts instructors launch their first online course and now I'd like to help other passionate coaches, instructors, and teachers do the same.

This is where you come in.

I'm offering a full day's FREE training on Sunday 27th October at the Waltham Abbey Marriot Hotel to help you launch your online course business.



Why is it FREE?


Because I need proof and testimonials that I can make it work for other people who teach for a living as well as martial arts instructors.


In exchange for me helping you set up your course platform, I will be asking you for testimonials and feedback as you build and launch your course.


That's the only payment I will need.


I typically charge £800 a day to help people build their first course, but you will get my time and expertise for FREE.



  • Why you need an online course

  • The 5 best types of courses for instructors, coaches & teachers

  • Choosing a great name for your course

  • Intro to the course platform

  • Planning out your course

  • Creating chapters & lessons

  • Writing the welcome chapter

  • Adding your first lessons

  • What is a landing page?

  • Why you need a landing page

  • What is included on a landing page?

  • Building your course landing page

  • Using images, video, and text to sell your course

  • Simple tricks to make your landing page stand out

  • Creating your course website

  • How to use the simple website builder

  • Adding sections to your website

  • Editing pages to make them look great

  • Adding custom pages if you want them

  • Adding links and menus

  • Pricing strategies

  • Setting your price

  • How to publish your course

  • Email software and advice

  • Full platform tour and tips

  • Why you need a launch sequence


As you can see it is a packed day. But, by the end of just one day you will have your first course built, your sales page built, your course website built and your payment processors added so you can get paid.


After that, all you will need to do is add your video content and you are ready to launch your first online course. Exciting, huh!


This is an amazing opportunity to start a brand-new business that ties in with your passion. The meeting room I have hired at the Waltham Abbey Marriot only seats 20 people and I'm only really looking for one or two people from the following sectors…

  • Personal Trainers

  • Sports coaches

  • Gymnastic coaches

  • Dance Teachers

  • Music Teachers

  • Fitness Professionals

  • Yoga Teachers

  • Sports psychologists

  • Anyone else who teaches for a living

I know what you might be thinking, but I'm not going to try to sign you up to my triple platinum membership at the end of the day. All I would like in turn for my time is a testimonial on the course, its content and my teaching methods.

That's it.

You will walk out with an online product that only needs video content added to make you money and I get a testimonial.

I think that is a fair deal!

To make sure I don't get flooded with time wasters and wannabes there are some criteria I will need you to meet in order to attend the FREE training day:

  • You need to have been in business in your field for at least 2 years

  • You need to have an active current client base

  • You need to have a website and social media presence

  • You need to promise to turn up if you get a place (as that place could have gone to someone else)

If this amazing opportunity sounds good send me an email at matt@mittmaster.com today to secure your spot.

Remember I'm only taking a maximum of two people from each sector so don't hang around if you are serious.

I look forward to helping you plan, build and launch your first online course


Matt Chapman